These Colleges Are Leaders in Campus Composting

Dickinson- Fall 2015 res hall Eco Rep teamAt colleges and universities across the United States, residential hall composting programs are becoming more prevalent, especially when following the successful adoption of pre and postconsumer food scraps collection in their dining halls. The higher rate of organics diversion contributes to these universities’ initiatives to achieve Zero Waste, and to encourage environmental stewardship.

The majority of organic waste generated in residence halls comes from take-out food, campus eateries and paper towels from bathrooms. The amount generated depends on a variety of factors including the number of residents with access to the program, size of the school, and emphasis on community engagement. Of the programs implemented in residence halls, some universities have chosen to integrate organics collection as part of the buildings’ infrastructure, while others require volunteers to collect and drop-off their organic materials.

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Photo: Dickinson College Fall 2015 Eco Rep team.


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