NYC’s Retired Newspaper Boxes Now Serve a Purpose


New York City’s (NYC) decommissioned newspaper boxes are being reimagined as receptacles for organic waste collection. Graphic designer Debbie Ullman started the New York Compost Box Project in Spring 2013 as part of her NYC Compost Project’s Master Composter Certification course. These repurposed boxes are currently accepting food scraps at the Urban Garden Center in East Harlem, Earth Matter on Governor’s Island, and at the East Side High School Community Garden in the East Village. “The boxes are meant to start dialogues and make people think more about composting,” explains Ullman. “I wanted to get people to think outside the box while depositing inside it.”

Check out the rest of my article at

Check out Debbie’s NY Compost Box webpage too and her pictures on Flickr.

Also, I just wanted y’all to know that Debbie is my hero. She is doing this out of the kindness of her heart and her love for waste reduction and diversion. I hope one day her functional art project will be all over NYC and all other US cities, allowing citizens to deposit their organics, but more importantly forcing people to stop and think.

So, in the theme of my blog posts, remember to keep an open mind, but also remember to observe because you’ll be surprised at what you see.


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