Zero to Go is Leading Waste Reduction in the Hudson Valley

In 2011, Sarah Womer started Zero to Go (ZTG), an education-oriented company that provides recycling and organics collection services at small (under 500 people) and large (3,000+ people) events in the Hudson Valley. Womer works with 3 part-time employees to manage event logistics and hires between 2 and 20 crewmembers, depending on event size. In 2014, ZTG serviced 8 events, and in 2015, the number grew to 23 events. ZTG crewmembers stand behind the events’ only sorting stations, teaching attendees how to properly separate. It has 15 of its own 55-gallon cans and many signs that are transported to each event for collection. “In three years we’ve diverted over 50 tons of recyclables and organics in the waste stream at 38 events,” notes Womer. She guarantees that there is no contamination in the compostables stream. “Restaurant kitchen staff does their best to keep contaminants like gloves and fruit stickers to a minimum, and I help with this process by doing surprise inspections to ensure quality control,” she says.

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For more information about Zero to Go, please check out ZTG’s website.


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