Imperfect Produce is Really Pretty Perfect

Among the streams of wasted food in the U.S. is produce that doesn’t make it to market because of cosmetic imperfections. Two new companies, Imperfect and Hungry Harvest, have developed businesses around purchasing and distributing “ugly” produce. In Emeryville, California, Imperfect’s founders Ben Chesler, Ron Clark and Ben Simon, purchase ugly produce from California farms and sell it to consumers for 30 percent off supermarket prices. Hungry Harvest, operating in the mid-Atlantic region, also purchases imperfect produce from growers, and delivers packages to homes and businesses.

Read the rest of my article, Imperfect Produce Spawns Business Start-Ups, on

Bay Area, CA readers — check out and register to receive Imperfect‘s produce product.

East Coast readers — check out and sign up to receive Hungry Harvest‘s product.


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